Beach Volleyball

volejbalBeach volleyball is a unique combination of movement and fun. Everyone definitely likes to enjoy the summertime, and what better way than with a game of beach volleyball enjoyed to the greatest extent possible. CLUB CLASSIC provides four beach volleyball courts with a fine sandy surface. Like other variations of volleyball, there are two opposing teams separated by a high net. Both teams attempt to score points against the other opposing team by grounding a ball on the other team's court.

It is possible to borrow balls for beach volleyball at the reception area.

Price List for Use of beach volleyball courts

Monday to Sunday:

  •   8-15 h = 150 CZK / hour
  • 15-21 h = 250 CZK / hour


  •   8-15 h = 100 CZK / hour
  • 15-21 h = 200 CZK / hour


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