badmintonBadminton is an attractive sport for people of all ages. Being more of an unconventional game, badminton is a great way to enjoy a more relaxed play even though it is considered one of the fastest racquet sports. CLUB CLASSIC provides it's clients with four indoor badminton courts.The indoor hall is not subject to natural outdoor conditions such as rain and especially wind. This is offered because the game uses a traditional feather ball which easily (thanks to the wind) can change direction, speed and affect the overall game. It is possible to rent or buy  badminton raquets and balls.


Badminton coach in Brno Lukáš Plošek, badminton coach

Dates and times: individual agreement 

Price: 300,- CZK/H

Court: court reservation at least 15 hours with coach you get 15% discount on court

Coach: Coach profile find here

Price List for Use of Badminton courts

Badminton runs weekly from April to September; October to March only 4 days a week (Thu - Sun).
The following prices are valid during weekdays:

  •   7 - 15h = 160 CZK/hour*
  • 15 - 23h = 240 CZK/hour*


  •   7 - 15 h = 120 CZK/hour*
  • 15 - 23 h = 200 CZK/hour*
The following prices are valid during weekends:
  •   7 - 10h = 200 CZK/hour*
  • 10 - 23h = 240 CZK/hour*


  •   7 - 10 h = 160 CZK/hour*
  • 10 - 23 h = 200 CZK/hour*

Important: for student discounts you must present a valid student card. Valid only if both (or all) players are students.

* The price is valid for 2 players. For more players (doubles), the court increases the price of 40 CZK / hour

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