Our Sports complex Club Classic,is located in a peaceful location along the bank of the river Svratka and near the Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV),which provides high quality services. We offer excellent conditions for playing tennis, beach volleyball, squash, badminton and football. During the winter season we are proud to provide our clients with an ice rink for hockey and public skating. There is also a tennis wall for practice as well as a children's playground.

For every sport facility there are also season tickets available for purchase. You can make a long-term rental or you can purchase individual or club memberships. 

Long-term rentals - if you regularly play one sport, then this is the appropriate option for you. You can be assured of regularly play of your chosen sport in your chosen time throughout the season. In addition, if you know that you will not be able to play on the date of your booking, you can choose another term (you must advise us at least 24 hours in advance). 

Season tickets - Club Classic offers season tickets to all of our featured sports, both during the summer and the winter seasons. Season tickets are available for 10 or 20 hours of play. You must make a booking in advance by phone or through our on-line reservation system. Season tickets are specially discounted.

Gift vouchers - your loved ones and close friends will always be welcome. Upon request, we will issue a gift voucher for any sport. Part of the gift voucher content may be tennis lessons with a professional coach. It is up to only you what you choose. 

We look forward to seeing you,.. your Club Classic team.

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