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Welcome to the sports resort CLUB CLASSIC. The club is situated in a picturesque and natural environment, next to the river Svratka and near the city center of Brno. Due to the diversity of our sports facilities, the unique atmosphere and peaceful environment, our club is an ideal place for active relaxation. In our sports area, everyone is able to find his or her own favorite sport. You can visit the following facilities all at one place:

The Club History

Our history dates back to the first half of the last century, where at the site of (our currently  located) club building was a small factory.The owner of the factory built a tennis court (known today as court No. 1) which was then used for the enjoyment of sports activities by his employees.

In the 90‘s, the site was restituted into the hands of the original owners, who proceeded to develop the tradition of the grounds being used for sports activities. Over the past 15 years we have expanded the facilities to its present sports resort.


Since the mid 90‘s, the club resort has been able to offer 3 tennis courts, where members of the club as well as their friends, colleagues and families have held meetings. More and more customers began    to gradually join the club and Club Classic became a place where you could go not only to do sports, but also a place where people have fun, laugh and recharge their batteries. It became a safe and fun facility where friends and families of all ages gather together to participate in various joint activities, sport tournaments, vacations, trips and more.

For a long time,tennis has been the only sport practiced in the club. However, we gradually started adding other sports facilities and we managed to build a complex with a diverse and large number of sports facilities.

Our sports complex in Brno is ideal for holding corporate sporting events, parties, presentations and trainings sessions.For easier management of our clients needs, an on-line reservation system is available where you can easily book your chosen sports facility.

Copa del SolDuring a rich history there have taken place many sports or social events. To the most remarkable events belong Europe championship in tennis, under fourteen - Copa del Sol in 2002 and International tournament of wheelchair tennis in 2008, where came the best players of the world. It became a tradition that yearly, in the Club Classic takes place International Championship of Czech Republic in wheelchair tennis. 






Today, the club continues to attract members who embrace our tradition. In addition to individual sport and self-realization, there is also the possibility of creating a personal atmosphere in the from of a  club membership or partnership,Membership or partnership also brings other benefits such as free lessons, discounts on sports facilities, yearlong bookings, reserved space for club meetings, facilitating presentations and training sessions and even the possibility to host sporting and business events.For our members and partners, we also regularily organize social and sporting events.

We believe that CLUB CLASSIC offers plenty of ways to fulfill your sport and social activity needs. We hope our club will be a place which brings you together with your friends and families and that you will always be happy to return.

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